Digital Preparedness


Getting Found

Where is your company listed online?
Provide any other source where your company is listed

Building website presence

Do you use video or animated graphics?
Is the website mobile friendly?
Does the website utilize website analytic to make informed business decisions?
Does the business employ google reviews?
Does the website have search engine optimization (SEO)?
Is new content published regularly?
Does the site have CMS (Content Management System)?
Does the business use search engine marketing, (such as google Ad words, etc...)?

Engaging your customers

Is social media monitoring software being utilized which listens to the audience & collects feedback?
Does the business offer any loyalty programs?
Do you use a mailing list?
Does the business use email marketing to attract customers?
? Example: E-newsletters, Special offers.
Does the business have a digital marketing strategy?

Making money with E-commerce

Does the business sell products online?
Does the business have a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to manage customer base?
Does the business utilize market research tools to understand the business & gain competitive advantage?
? Example: Mastercard local market intelligence.
Does the service offer online reservations?
Is there a marketing strategy that connects your offline and online channels?

Managing your operations

Is the point of sale system used for day to day management of your business?
Does the business have payment processing to accept credit, debit or mobile payments?
Does the business have internet?
Does the business offer free internet for customers?
Does the business use online tools to run the business?
? Example: Microsoft office 365.
Does the business employ security, firewall protection or backup?
Do you use a digital inventory system to track stock?
Does the business use financial software or online services to track and manage spending & profits?

Your Competition

Who are your top 3 competitors